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Preterm birth and scheduled labor can lead to birth injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2013 | Birth Injury

The U.S. government is fully committed to improving the health care of every American, including those in New Haven, Connecticut. However, recent reports confirmed that the country has a higher infant mortality rate than many other developed nations. The reason behind it may be due to preterm birth and scheduled Cesarean sections.

Reportedly, Premier Health Care Alliance has stated that preterm birth is a major problem in the United States. The popularity of Cesarean sections also increases the possibility of infant mortality rates. Many women are choosing a C-section to deliver their babies, despite the risk of birth injuries. Most of these cases are associated with scheduled delivery before 40 weeks of pregnancy. Some expectant mothers prefer preterm birth just for the convenience. While preterm births may impose risk, there are instances where the doctor recommends a scheduled C-section for a particular patient.

Experts explain that infants born prior to 40 weeks may have a risk of complications for the baby during delivery. Additionally, a C-section delivery may increase the chance of birth injury. Improper use of labor-inducing drugs and lack of timely resuscitation may put the baby’s life at risk. Complications may also occur if a C-section is postponed or the doctor failed to recognize the infant’s distress.

Considering that a C-section delivery is often complex, the knowledge and years of training that doctors, obstetricians and other medical professionals obtain is necessary during the delivery of a child. Any complications that may stem from a lack of standard of care during labor or delivery can be the doctor’s legal responsibility.

A baby’s injury at birth may be the worst nightmare of every parent in Connecticut. However, if they believe that medical negligence contributes to the infant’s injury, compensation may possibly be obtained through a medical malpractice lawsuit. Filing a medical malpractice claim due to birth injury may compensate victims and their family for emotional distress, long-term medical costs and other related expenses needed by the child.

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