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Hundai must pay $14 million due to brain injury lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2013 | Brain Injury

Automobile companies such as Hyundai are popular in America, including for those consumers in New Haven, Connecticut. However, what comes with success is the obligation of the company to produce safe motor vehicles. Product hazards that may cause injury or death to consumers can be the liability of manufacturers, particularly if the victim has suffered a brain injury.

A lawsuit filed against a manufacturing company is always of national interest. Reportedly, Hyundai was hit with a personal injury lawsuit in connection with a brain injury. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a victim, who suffered brain damage after airbags on a Hyundai vehicle failed to deploy.

The lawsuit alleges that the victim’s brain injury could have been avoided if the vehicle’s airbag worked properly at the time of the crash. But, it was later discovered that the sensor was defective and failed to release the airbags. The now 20-year-old man sustained short-term memory complications and was unable to walk and talk properly due to the traumatic brain injury. Sources stated that his parents have spent more than $100,000 on medical care for his treatment.

After several years, a decision regarding the airbag lawsuit was declared. According to sources, Hyundai was ordered to pay $14 million in damages to the brain injury victim. Jurors found that the vehicle with the defective airbag was dangerous to drive.

Brain injuries can inflict long-term disabilities on the victim and the financial burden can be immense, considering the massive amount of medical expenses, rehabilitation and emotional damage involved. However, if the brain injury results from falling, a vehicular accident or a defective automobile, the injured party has the right to recover compensation because of the accident.

In such cases, proving negligence with the help of a legal professional may be critical. The negligence of the car manufacturing company, together with the vehicle’s defect may help the victim to obtain compensation. Compensation in a brain injury case may include life-long medical expenses, therapy and other related costs.

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