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Connecticut restaurant found liable in stabbing attack

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2013 | Brain Injury

A New Haven restaurant was recently found liable for its part in an assault on its premises in October 2010 that led to a 45-year-old New Hampshire man’s stabbing. The victim, who sustained permanent brain injury as a result of blood loss, filed suit against both his 47-year-old attacker and the restaurant where the attack took place.

According to court documents, the Nashua resident was in New Haven taking part in a softball tournament when he went to The U.S.S. Chowder Pot III with friends for dinner. His assailant was drinking at the restaurant’s bar when he heard the New Hampshire man’s accent and assumed him to be a Boston Red Sox fan. The attacker proclaimed himself to be a New York Yankees fan and the area to be Yankees territory. Following an argument, he stabbed the victim in the neck.

As a result of the attack, the victim lost so much blood that he suffered a stroke. Three emergency surgeries were barely able to save his life, but not to prevent permanent brain injury.

Before the incident, according to the victim’s attorney, two restaurant employees were told about the assailant’s aggressive behavior, but the employees took no action. The victim’s lawsuit alleged that the restaurant was at fault in failing to protect customers. A Superior Court jury in New Haven found the restaurant negligent and awarded the victim $4.3 million.

Brain injury victims are unfortunately likely to find that they may never completely recover. They may suffer from permanent disability or amnesia; they may struggle with lifelong problems with motor skills, cognition and other brain functions that impact their ability to work or even live the same life that they used to. A victim of such an injury may wish to consult with a qualified and experienced legal professional to take the necessary steps to seek compensation.

Source: The Courant, “Jury Awards Victim $4.3 Million in Red Sox-Yankees Dispute At Branford Restaurant,” David Owens, June 28, 2013



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