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Commercial vehicle crash in New Haven injures 2

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2013 | Truck Accidents

Any auto accident can be traumatic and devastating to those involved. Accidents involving large or commercial vehicles may be even more so, however, due to the size and force of these vehicles. One recent commercial vehicle crash in New Haven may illustrate just how dangerous these accidents can be.

According to authorities, the accident happened at an intersection when a sport utility vehicle and a commercial truck collided. A construction company, according to reports, owns the truck. Both drivers were reportedly injured in the collision, and were transported to local hospitals for treatment. The exact nature and extent of these injuries was not disclosed.

Reports immediately following the accident, however, did indicate that the injuries were not life threatening. Authorities have not released any additional information about what caused this accident or whether any charges will be filed. Reports indicate that the SUV sustained serious front-end damage, and that the commercial vehicle also had visible damage.

New Haven readers likely know the devastating effects of a serious auto accident. In addition to the physical pain and suffering, there also may be a serious financial and emotional toll taken on the victims and their families. In the case of a commercial vehicle crash, there is also the strain of working with the company that owns the vehicle and their insurance providers. For those involved in this accident, it is unclear what options that they may have under our state’s personal injury laws. It may be beneficial for them to be proactive in investigating their rights and options, which may begin by establishing a solid system of support.

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