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Commercial vehicle crash in Connecticut injures 9

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2013 | Truck Accidents

Connecticut readers likely know how serious auto accidents involving commercial or large vehicles can be. One recent accident on Interstate 95 illustrates how severe a commercial vehicle crash can be when several of these types of vehicle are involved. State Police officials state that the recent accident happened in the late morning hours when an undisclosed vehicle cut off a tractor-trailer that was traveling in the center lane.

When the tractor-trailer slowed suddenly to avoid striking the car, the Coach bus behind it followed suit. Unfortunately, the bus could not brake in time and struck the back of the tractor-trailer. This initial collision caused a second bus to strike the first, causing a three vehicle collision. Unfortunately, the accident did not end there, as a passenger car behind the second bus was unable to avoid striking the bus, resulting in a four-vehicle accident. 

This four-vehicle collision resulted in injuries to at least nine people including the drivers of the passenger car and one of the buses, as well as passengers in both of those vehicles. The injured individuals were transported to local hospitals. In addition to those injured, 56 other individuals declined treatment.

So far, the drivers of the second bus and the passenger car have been cited for following too closely. In light of the increased scrutiny regarding passenger buses after a tragic commercial vehicle crash in 2011, this crash has received a great deal of coverage in the media. There have been no reports so far, as to whether the injured passengers will seek personal injury claims in this accident case. It may be beneficial for the injured individuals to consider their legal rights under Connecticut laws sooner rather than later, as this type of accident is often complex.

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