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July 2013 Archives

New Haven woman killed in truck accident

A truck accident involving a tractor-trailer truck is not like a common car accident. A truck cannot stop as quickly or maneuver nearly as well as a car can. Because of the greater number of cars a truck can impact and the destructive force of its large frame, the harm a truck can do in an accident is much greater than most other street accidents.

Elderly more prone to pedestrian-car accidents in Connecticut

Many New Haven, Connecticut, readers already know that the elderly are more prone to limited hearing and poor eye sight, making them more likely to be hit by a motor vehicle. Last year, a 93-year-old man was killed in a pedestrian-auto accident. The incident happened near New Haven while the older resident was crossing the road.

Fatal car accidents place Connecticut teens at high risk

With little experience on the road, it is no secret that teens are at a higher risk for being involved in a car accident then older adults. Two fatal car accidents that took the lives of three Connecticut teens recently have reinforced this fact. In a recent release it was found that August and Summer serve as two of the deadliest months for teen drivers.

Early morning car crash kills 2 in Connecticut

A teen joyride turned tragic earlier this month when a fatal accident claimed the lives of two young men and left a third in hospital. Connecticut police are still investigating the car crash that took place in East Hartford. No criminal charges have yet been filed in connection with this accident.

Preterm birth and scheduled labor can lead to birth injuries

The U.S. government is fully committed to improving the health care of every American, including those in New Haven, Connecticut. However, recent reports confirmed that the country has a higher infant mortality rate than many other developed nations. The reason behind it may be due to preterm birth and scheduled Cesarean sections.

2 Connecticut men killed in fatal car accident

Tragedy has struck a community, as it was reported that two brothers were recently killed in a car accident. Connecticut police were called to the scene of the fatal car accident just after 4 a.m. When they arrived, they saw that a vehicle had left the roadway.

Elderly Connecticut woman injured in hit-and-run

When a hit and run crash occurs, accident victims are often overwhelmed and unable to think clearly. Hit and run accidents often result in serious physical injuries, which may result in long term disabilities and require expensive medical treatments.

Wrong dosage or medicine can harm Connecticut patients

Most pharmacies in the United States, including those in New Haven, Connecticut, use electronic prescriptions and barcode scanning nowadays. The pharmacies believe that that approach helps them to accurately administer the correct dosage and correct medicine to patients. However, that is not always the case and sometimes medication errors still occur.

New Haven children become car accident victims outside their home

Motorists need to use extra caution when driving on residential streets, but it is equally important for pedestrians to look both ways before crossing the road. Two sisters were hurt recently when they darted across the street toward their New Haven home on a recent Monday afternoon and were struck by an oncoming Jeep. The car accident victims were taken to a local hospital with unspecified but non-critical injuries. The driver of the Jeep was also transported to the hospital.

Connecticut woman accused of fatal texting car crash

Texting while driving is reckless, dangerous and can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents involving injury and death. According to Police in Connecticut, a 24-year-old woman was driving a car that hit a man who had been on his motorcycle, stopped at a traffic light. The woman reportedly turned herself in to police after learning of a warrant that was issued for her arrest.

Hundai must pay $14 million due to brain injury lawsuit

Automobile companies such as Hyundai are popular in America, including for those consumers in New Haven, Connecticut. However, what comes with success is the obligation of the company to produce safe motor vehicles. Product hazards that may cause injury or death to consumers can be the liability of manufacturers, particularly if the victim has suffered a brain injury.

Commercial vehicle crash in Connecticut injures 9

Connecticut readers likely know how serious auto accidents involving commercial or large vehicles can be. One recent accident on Interstate 95 illustrates how severe a commercial vehicle crash can be when several of these types of vehicle are involved. State Police officials state that the recent accident happened in the late morning hours when an undisclosed vehicle cut off a tractor-trailer that was traveling in the center lane.

Plane crash victims sustain spinal cord injury

A recent plane crash shocked millions of people, including New Haven, Connecticut, residents. According to sources, the aviation accident led to two fatalities and imposed injuries on nearly 200 passengers. Unfortunately, one doctor who examined most of the passengers discovered that some of the victims sustained spinal cord injuries.

Commercial vehicle crash in New Haven injures 2

Any auto accident can be traumatic and devastating to those involved. Accidents involving large or commercial vehicles may be even more so, however, due to the size and force of these vehicles. One recent commercial vehicle crash in New Haven may illustrate just how dangerous these accidents can be.

Lacerations most common injuries in C-section deliveries

The birth of a baby is an event typically full of emotion for everyone involved. Sometimes, though, what should be joy turns to horror when something goes wrong.

Car crash in Connecticut leaves 4 teens injured

Four teens out for an evening of wilderness fun inside a state forest didn't have the good time they were hoping for. All four were injured in the car crash that saw their pickup truck strike a tree just outside the Connecticut state park. State and local police are looking into the accident further, and no charges have been filed at this time.

Connecticut restaurant found liable in stabbing attack

A New Haven restaurant was recently found liable for its part in an assault on its premises in October 2010 that led to a 45-year-old New Hampshire man's stabbing. The victim, who sustained permanent brain injury as a result of blood loss, filed suit against both his 47-year-old attacker and the restaurant where the attack took place.

Connecticut doctor discipline delayed

According to the watchdog group Public Citizen, over the last decade, Connecticut has time and again ranked in the bottom fifth of states in the rate of grave disciplinary actions taken against doctors. Additionally, Connecticut is one of the only states where the state Medical Examining Board does not have its own investigation unit, but rather relies on the Department of Public Health (DPH) to conduct investigations.

Truck crash kills Connecticut man while working on another truck

A Connecticut man employed by a local truck servicing company is dead after a tractor-trailer crashed into his parked service truck. He was changing a flat tire on another tractor-trailer on the shoulder of I-95 in Greenwich when the truck crash occurred. The driver of the tractor-trailer causing the impact drifted onto the shoulder, struck the parked service truck, and pushed it into the 57-year-old man changing the tire. 

Factors that may cause medical errors also impact the economy

Medication use is part of the health care system in the United States. It helps every person, including people in New Haven, Connecticut, to feel better and eliminate certain medical conditions. However, recent findings show that medication use influences patients and the economy.

Young Connecticut driver to blame for fatal car accident?

On night late in May, the quiet of a Connecticut residential street was shattered by the sounds of a horrible collision. A 19-year-old woman was driving an SUV  that left the road at a high rate of speed and struck a tree. Two people lost their lives in the  fatal car accident. The teenager has been charged with two counts of second degree manslaughter. She is also charged with negligent driving and operating an automobile under the influence. 

Drunk driver allegedly injured bicyclist in car accident

There are a number of studies that may prove that drunk driving can lead to accidents on the road. In spite of this, some drivers fail to take this fact seriously and continue to endanger other people on the road including New Haven, Connecticut residents.

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