Most people are aware of the responsibility that goes along with operating a vehicle. At times a car accident can be unavoidable, but quite often it can be the result of a negligent driver. A recent Connecticut car accident has claimed two lives.

The man and woman, described to be a couple in their early 60s, were hit head-on by a car that crossed into their lane of travel. Both were said to be wearing seat belts and were trapped in their vehicle. They were extricated by emergency personnel. The woman died at the scene while the man was transported, but died at a local hospital.

The driver of the vehicle that crossed into the wrong lane was described as a 57-year-old man. He was treated for what were described as minor injuries. The investigation is still ongoing, so no charges have been placed yet. While charges are pending, the family members of the deceased may choose to look into filing a civil suit. They will be faced with final medical expenses as well as burial costs that could be recovered should the driver be found to have been negligent.

Any Connecticut resident that has been the victim in a car accident could benefit from having an understanding of the state laws. During a physically and emotionally trying time, a victim or their family could potentially receive financial relief. It can be hard to think of money when faced with such heartache, but by taking quick action a person can help protect their financial future.

Source:, “2 dead in Preston crash,” June 22, 2013