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Connecticut car crash sends 2 to hospital, initial details scarce

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2013 | Car Accidents

The initial details of a Connecticut motor vehicle accident as reported in the media sometimes leave as many questions as answers. This is often due to the paucity of information that is initially available as emergency personnel and law enforcement investigators respond to the scene of a car crash. Nevertheless, it is often possible to make some observations about the potential liability issues that may arise in the aftermath of a collision with another vehicle. One recent accident in New London County appears to underscore the point.

The initial reports indicate that two vehicles collided in Preston late in the afternoon on a recent Friday. In all, three people — a female and two males — were said to have been involved. The details of the accident itself were not reported, other than to reveal that two were sent to the hospital.

Authorities were still at work at the crash site some five hours after the collision. Traffic continued to be redirected. There was no information disclosed on pending or contemplated criminal charges as a result of the incident.

From the limited information disclosed in the media report, it is still possible to have a general understanding of the issues over potential personal injury claims that may result from the car crash. Typically, a collision involving two or more vehicles suggests that one or both drivers may bear some legal responsibility for the accident. Moreover, if the passenger was one of the injured, that party retains the right to file a claim in Connecticut against the party deemed to be at fault. If the evidence suggests that one driver caused the accident — such as by violating a right of way — the other driver and the passenger retain the right to sue for financial reimbursement for any personal injuries suffered

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