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June 2013 Archives

New Haven woman arrested following car crash

A New Haven woman was recently arrested after a car accident which left one woman dead. Police said the woman was driving a Buick Century and as she entered an intersection, she hit a Honda Civic driven by another woman.

Siblings file medical malpractice lawsuit after father died

Anesthesiology is one of the most extensively trained professions in the medical world. Many New Haven residents have personally been under the care of an anesthesiologist at some point in their life. For the most part, an anesthesiologist is responsible for giving anesthesia to a patients as well as performing several preoperative duties. This career choice also comes with a zero tolerance for negligence. One mistake can prove fatal to a patient. A pair of siblings recently lost their 60-year-old father after an anesthesiologist gave him the wrong medicine.

Motorcycle season is upon New Haven, know they are there

The weather has warmed up and the snow has melted away. That means that the motorcycles have been uncovered in garages across Connecticut, and riders are stretching their legs, donning their leather, putting on their helmets and hitting the road.

Route 63 in New Haven is the scene of a fatal car accident

A Mobile gas station in New Haven is closed until clean-up work is completed. The station was the scene of a fatal car accident that took the lives of the driver and his passenger and injured a third man. Witness reports indicate that the driver was headed westbound on Route 63 when he failed to make the turn he intended. He struck the curb and was launched into the air, crashing into the canopy over the gas pumps at the station.

Connecticut car crash sends 2 to hospital, initial details scarce

The initial details of a Connecticut motor vehicle accident as reported in the media sometimes leave as many questions as answers. This is often due to the paucity of information that is initially available as emergency personnel and law enforcement investigators respond to the scene of a car crash. Nevertheless, it is often possible to make some observations about the potential liability issues that may arise in the aftermath of a collision with another vehicle. One recent accident in New London County appears to underscore the point.

Deadly car accident kills two and injures another in New Haven

A devastating accident occurred last week in New Haven that killed two and injured another. One police officer commented that it was a tragic accident. The incident occurred after a driver was speeding and hit a curb launching the vehicle 90 feet through the air and into an active gas station. Luckily the gas station staff was able to hit the emergency shut off valve before an explosion could occur. Most of the gas station was destroyed in the aftermath.

Couple killed in Connecticut car accident when car crosses line

Most people are aware of the responsibility that goes along with operating a vehicle. At times a car accident can be unavoidable, but quite often it can be the result of a negligent driver. A recent Connecticut car accident has claimed two lives.

Medical advances help spinal cord injury patients heal faster

Injuries come and go for many New Haven residents. The human body is designed to heal from many of these injuries including cuts, bruises and sprain muscles but for some injuries, healing is not an option. One of the worst injuries to sustain is a spinal cord injury. Many victims have to face being confined to a wheel chair for the rest of their life while others have limited mobility.

Federal investigators push for Metro-North to protect workers

A Metro-North Track Foreman was recently killed when he was struck by a New York-bound train that was traveling about 70 mph. The Track Foreman was doing construction work at the site of a new train station when he was struck.

Study: "Heading" in soccer may lead to brain injuries

The brain is one of the most fragile and vital organs in the human body. When the brain is defective or suffers a serious injury, consequences can be detrimental and in many cases, irreversible. With over 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries a year in America, many New Haven residents have gone great lengths to protect their brains. Whether it is wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle or avoiding dangerous situations, there are many ways to help prevent or reduce a chance of suffering a brain injury.

Intersection crash hospitalizes 1 driver with serious injuries

It's sometimes difficult to obtain the details of an accident until after the investigation is completed by authorities and a final report issued. Of course sometimes official versions are wrong or contain inaccuracies, so that an injured party will want to obtain an independent investigation if there are serious injuries and litigation may develop. An accident occurred in Connecticut recently in which sparse initial reports make it difficult to determine fault.

Connecticut Metro-North employee struck by train

A 52-year-old Metro-North employee began his work day just like any other day. He had been working on the West Haven tracks of the under-construction train station all morning, when around noon, a New York City-bound train hit him. The last time a Metro-North employee was killed in a workplace accident was in 2009, when a signal maintainer was hit by a New Haven line train.

Hit and run driver kills Connecticut pedestrian

Crossing the street is something many New Haven residents do on a daily basis. Crosswalks and sidewalks are generally safe for pedestrians to walk across but they cannot fully protect someone from a negligent driver. In 2010, 4,280 Americans lost their lives from auto-pedestrian accidents and countless more were seriously injured. Recently a Connecticut man lost his life after crossing the street.

Connecticut man dies in fatal motorcycle accident

As the temperature warms up, people are opting to ride their motorcycles in the beautiful weather. But with more bikers on the road, more caution may be necessary. Motorcycles are a fun and enjoyable way to get around, but with much less protection than enclosed vehicles, they can be very dangerous when drivers are not paying full attention. A fatal motorcycle accident occurred on a recent afternoon in Hartford, Connecticut when a motorcyclist collided with the side of a taxi.

Hospital negligence, scapegoat for serial killer

For years serial killers have captured the interest and the fear of many Americans. From brutal murders to insidious acts of torture and rape, serial killers may seem like they belong in horror movies and not in real life. Unfortunately some of these monsters lurk around the world. Many Connecticut residents remember Michael Bruce Ross, a sinister serial killer who brutally raped and murdered eight young girls throughout the New England area. In 1987 he was convicted of murder and sentenced to death but his legacy continues to haunt the imagination of many residents.

Motorcyclist dies from severe injuries after collision with car

When a car and motorcycle are approaching each other and end up in a collision, the motorcycle will almost always get the worst of it. Unfortunately for a 25-year-old Connecticut man who was recently operating his motorcycle in New Haven, that statistic proved true. The man died of severe injuries from a collision, opening the possibility of a wrongful death claim against the car's driver.

How can medical mistakes be prevented?

Diagnostic errors are a leading cause of malpractice lawsuits. However, many medical mistakes can be prevented if medical professionals take basic safety measures and steps to ensure the safety and welfare of the patient. However, many patients are unaware of the mistakes that are or could be happening.

Brain injury may stem from singer Miguel's stage leap

Many Musicians are well known for their accomplishments and some for their infamous acts, others for both. Recently, a relatively new artist to the music industry will likely regret a stage performance for the rest of his life. Many New Haven residents may be familiar with the singer Miguel and his embarrassing performance at the Billboard Music Awards a few weeks back. His song was going well until the musician attempted to jump over some fans to reach another side of the stage.

Pentagon awards $2 million grant to fund spinal cord research

One of the most dream deferring injuries one can sustain is a spinal cord injury. From being bound to a wheelchair to living with full body paralysis, New Haven residents known how detrimental a spinal cord injury can be. While injuries can physically impair a victim, they can never eliminate hope. That is why the United States Department of Defense awarded a $2 million grant to help fund research to help people living with spinal cord injuries.

Connecticut hit-and-run car crash critically injures niece, aunt

The life of a 6-year-old Connecticut girl hangs in the balance after a recent pedestrian accident in Bridgeport. It is the second occasion inside of a month where a young child has been the victim of a hit-and-run car crash on city streets. The latest incident occurred on Memorial Day as the girl and her 60-year-old aunt were in the process of walking across Washington Avenue at night. An SUV described as light colored reportedly struck both and took off. Police are working on leads to find the driver and have asked for the public to continue to help.

Truck drivers can be victims of Connecticut trucking accidents

Usually, when one thinks of people being injured in trucking accidents, one rarely thinks of the victims being the truck drivers. However, drivers of commercial vehicles do not always escape from accidents unscathed. An accident that occurred in Connecticut in early Dec. 2012 is a very good example of just how dangerous trucking accidents can be for the truck drivers themselves.

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