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Personal injury victims recovering from Connecticut rail crash

On Behalf of | May 23, 2013 | Car Accidents

Hundreds of commuters saw the same horrifying nightmare: the train they were taking home was in a massive crash with another train! But it turned out to be horrifyingly real and not a dream. Roughly 700 commuters were on two trains on the Metro-North Railroad in Connecticut when the two collided just outside of Bridgeport, causing a terrifying scene usually reserved for nightmares only. The brutal crash sent at least 70 personal injury victims to hospitals.

Three patients were in critical condition with serious injuries in Bridgeport hospitals. Passengers reported flying through the air and being bounced around the cabin cars like table tennis balls. The collision derailed several cars and created a scene of destruction reserved for nightmares only.

One train was traveling from Grand Central in New York to New Haven. The other train was coming from New Haven and heading to Grand Central. It started when of the two trains derailed and hit the other train that was on an adjacent track, causing the second train to also partially derail. The Metro-North line serves mainly the northern New York suburbs. The National Transportation Safety Board was sent to make an investigation.

A Metro-North spokesperson called it a major derailment. There was substantial damage from the train car crash resulting to the cars and the tracks. Investigators could not give an immediate reason for the derailment but said it was an accident as opposed to an act of sabotage.

Connecticut and federal law protects provides legal remedies to the personal injury victims. They’ll have claims against the railroad company. Although the cause has not been discovered, the investigation will undoubtedly be detailed. Any lack of maintenance or neglect regarding the tracks that may have allowed the train to derail would be considered negligence and provide the injured with a claim. In the days ahead, we’ll learn if there are other remedies or special legal considerations provided by state or federal law that will serve to further compensate the victims or make their ordeal easier.

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