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Distracted driving continues to cause car accidents among teens

On Behalf of | May 31, 2013 | Car Accidents

Receiving a driver’s license at age 16 is a big deal for many New Haven teens. The freedom of finally being able to drive without a parent is both exciting and intimidating. For many beginner drivers, distractions such as texting while driving are very tempting. After a recent study, close to half of U.S. high school students text while they drive.

What may seem like an innocuous habit can cause irrevocable damage and injuries to others. Texting while driving can greatly increase the chance of getting into a fatal car accident. Each year countless people lose their lives from a distracted driver. Whether it’s reckless, distracted or drunk driving, negligence to traffic laws can come with consequences. Often times negligent drivers are responsible for the damages and injuries they cause. Between hospital bills, loss wages and wrongful death, damages can add up from a car accident. Texting while driving is considered negligent driving by many and has caused numerous accidents.

The study also found that driver’s who text and drive have an increase risk of indulging in other risky behaviors such as driving under the influence. Motor vehicle accidents are still the number one cause of death for teens. Being young and inexperienced has caused many teens to feel invincible behind the wheel yielding riskier behaviors.

For many New Haven residents, teen drivers can be dangerous. Any resident that has suffered an injury from the negligence of another driver may be eligible for compensation. While this compensation can never undo the damage caused by the accident, it can make the recovery less stressful.

Source: US News, “Nearly Half of High Schoolers Text While Driving: Survey,” Denise Mann, May 13, 2013



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