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Brain injuries becoming a silent epidemic

On Behalf of | May 23, 2013 | Brain Injury

One of the most vital organs in the human body is the brain. Many New Haven residents know that without it, humanity would be extinct. Anytime the brain suffers an injury, the results can be devastating. Traumatic brain injury victims have often suffered for the mistakes of others. Whether they result from being hit by a drunk driver or a medical malpractice disaster, brain injuries are becoming a silent epidemic.

Brain injuries are often not only life-changing, but also life-long. Unlike most injuries that can heal with time, many brain injuries do not. Between entire personality changes to spending a lifetime in a wheel chair, no two brain injuries are the same. Each year nearly 1.7 million people across the nation suffer from a traumatic brain injury. Whether it is a mild concussion or a year-long coma, brain injuries can be very detrimental.

In many cases, victims of brain injuries are unable to work or provide for their families. Medical bills and rehab services make the situation even worse. Victims are sometimes left without proper care due to expenses. Like many personal injuries, if an individual causes a brain injury out of negligence, victims may be compensated for their injuries. For example, say a drunk driver collides with a motorcyclist, injuring the rider and causing him or her to suffer extensive brain damage; the cyclist may be compensated for injuries from the drunk driver.

There are many New Haven residents who suffer from brain injuries. Lost wages and permanent disability can devastate a family. Individuals curious about receiving compensation for their personal injury may consider talking with an attorney.

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