If you asked any parent what their worst nightmare is, chances are they would say the death of their child. While most Connecticut parents do all that they can to keep their children safe, it is impossible for them to protect their children at all times. Unfortunately, a Waterbury woman had to endure the loss of her daughter after the child died from injuries sustained in a car accident over the weekend.

According to the New Haven Register, a 31-year-old driver who police suspect was intoxicated rear-ended a car that was stopped at a red light in Waterbury. The car he hit was driven by an 18-year-old woman whose 16-month-old baby was riding in a car seat in the backseat. Although the mother suffered only minor injuries, her baby sustained a head injury in the collision. She was kept overnight at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, but tragically, she did not survive.

The thought of outliving a child is too much to bear for many parents. However, this young woman is now forced to find a way to cope with the death of her baby because another driver was intoxicated and failed to stop in time. Although he will face criminal charges, including manslaughter with a motor vehicle, that will do little to make up for the pain he has caused. In situations like this, some families have chosen to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

While no amount of money will ever make up for the loss of a loved one — especially a child — it provides a grieving family with the opportunity to collect compensation for funeral expenses, burial costs and other damages. An attorney can explain in detail how the process works.

Source: New Haven Register, “16-month-old baby killed in Waterbury car crash,” May 6, 2013