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May 2013 Archives

Distracted driving continues to cause car accidents among teens

Receiving a driver's license at age 16 is a big deal for many New Haven teens. The freedom of finally being able to drive without a parent is both exciting and intimidating. For many beginner drivers, distractions such as texting while driving are very tempting. After a recent study, close to half of U.S. high school students text while they drive.

Connecticut wrong way fatal accident on I-84: 1 dead, 1 critical

There is perhaps nothing quite as frightening as a wrong way car crash. Many of them seem to occur on highways in the early morning hours, in Connecticut and elsewhere. Two drivers meet in a head on collision, and one of them is typically headed the wrong way on an Interstate or other roadway. Just such a fatal accident occurred recently in West Hartford on Interstate 84.

New England teen with cerebral palsy may win wheelchair van

In the United States, close to four million babies are born each year. While most babies are born healthy, many are not so lucky. Some babies are born with birth defects, while others sustain an injury upon birth. While most doctors are especially careful when delivering babies, anytime a doctor makes an error, life-long injuries can result. Cerebral palsy is a common birth injury from an error during delivery. Each year many newborns are diagnosed with cerebral palsy and have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

Fatal car accident kills Connecticut teen

Driving is considered by many to be an enjoyable activity, not just a way to get from one place to another. Going for drives with friends can be a fun way to pass the time and enjoy some sight-seeing. Driving can also be very dangerous, and unfortunately -- as was the case in Connecticut recently -- a fatal car accident can occur.

Motorcycle accident believed to be hit and run

Connecticut police are asking the community for help in identifying and locating a driver believed to have caused a hit and run accident that injured a motorcyclist. The motorcycle accident took place just moments after midnight on a recent Friday night. Police were alerted when a call came in reporting a hit and run involving a motorcycle and an enclosed vehicle.

Brain injuries becoming a silent epidemic

One of the most vital organs in the human body is the brain. Many New Haven residents know that without it, humanity would be extinct. Anytime the brain suffers an injury, the results can be devastating. Traumatic brain injury victims have often suffered for the mistakes of others. Whether they result from being hit by a drunk driver or a medical malpractice disaster, brain injuries are becoming a silent epidemic.

Personal injury victims recovering from Connecticut rail crash

Hundreds of commuters saw the same horrifying nightmare: the train they were taking home was in a massive crash with another train! But it turned out to be horrifyingly real and not a dream. Roughly 700 commuters were on two trains on the Metro-North Railroad in Connecticut when the two collided just outside of Bridgeport, causing a terrifying scene usually reserved for nightmares only. The brutal crash sent at least 70 personal injury victims to hospitals.

After spinal cord injury, CEO trains for bike race

Injuries happen daily in New Haven. From a mild bruise or bump to a sprained ankle, injuries are part of life. In contrast, sometimes injuries can become one's life, especially with spinal cord injuries. Each year between four and five million people suffer from a spinal cord injury in America. Results can often lead to full body paralysis, eating food from a straw and many more life changing consequences. While the initial diagnosis may be discouraging, there is always hope. After being hit by a car on his bicycle, a paralyzed CEO is working towards a full recovery.

Medical malpractice is not to blame for high medical costs

The healthcare industry has continued to plague the wallets of many New Haven residents. High medical costs have been an ongoing issue for many Americans, but why are they so high? Some researchers have suggested that it is due to high payouts from medical malpractice lawsuits, but after a recent study from John Hopkins University, some will say this is not true.

2 drunk driving accidents for 1 man in Milford, Connecticut

Connecticut drivers understand that the act of driving involves an inherent level of risk. Automotive accidents can occur due to faulty or poorly maintained vehicles, driver inattention, excessive speed and a multitude of other factors. As responsible drivers, most of us take every possible precaution to ensure that we drive safely. Unfortunately, not every driver operates under the same standards of ethics. Such may be the case in two suspected drunk driving accidents that took place on a recent weekday.Police believe that a 43-year-old man had been drinking before taking to the roadways in Milford, Connecticut. Reports were received that a driver had fled the scene of two accidents in the vicinity of the intersection of Yale and New Haven Avenues. Police responded to the area, and were able to apprehend the driver believed responsible for the crashes.

Is New Haven ready for the driverless car?

Many New Haven residents know that a car can be harmless by itself, but when a negligent driver is behind the wheel, it can be as deadly as a gun. 4,000 pounds of metal at high speeds can cause menacing damage to both property and to a human. Factors such as distracted, reckless and drunk driving have killed countless people. But what if the driver was removed from the equation? Would a driverless car dramatically reduce the number of car accidents that occur each year?

Suspect surrenders in pedestrian fatal accident case

When a tragic event takes place and lives are lost, the surviving friends and family often struggle to cope with their loss. This can be especially true in fatal accident cases in which justice is not immediately served. One Connecticut family may feel a measure of relief upon hearing news that the man suspected of striking and killing a couple has turned himself in to police.

Baby dies overnight from injuries sustained in rear-end collision

If you asked any parent what their worst nightmare is, chances are they would say the death of their child. While most Connecticut parents do all that they can to keep their children safe, it is impossible for them to protect their children at all times. Unfortunately, a Waterbury woman had to endure the loss of her daughter after the child died from injuries sustained in a car accident over the weekend.

Medical malpractice is not inflating hospital costs, study finds

Think about the last time you read or heard the term medical malpractice. If you read it in the news, it was likely related to proposed caps on medical malpractice awards to patients. Although patients who are injured by doctors deserve to be compensated for any further costs required because of the mistake, some people continue to point to malpractice lawsuits as money sucks for hospitals. A recent study, however, showed that lawmakers should be focusing their attention elsewhere.

Guilford man to blame for fatal car accident

What many New Haven residents often take for granted is getting in the car with someone. Whether it is a family member, friend or new acquaintance, passengers trust their lives to another's hands when it comes to driving. However, every day at least 3,500 people are killed from traffic related incidents. 90 percent of those incidents are caused by human error. Car accidents continue to plague Connecticut. In a recent collision, a 25-year-old Guilford man may have been to blame for the car accident that killed an innocent woman.

Recent study reveals shocking side effect of brain injuries

One of the most serious injuries a New Haven resident can sustain is a brain injury. With more than 3 million Americans nationwide suffering from traumatic brain injury, there are many who have to live with side effects for the rest of their lives. While no two brain injuries are the same, researchers have found a common side effect from which more than half of brain injury victims suffer.

New Connecticut accident-reporting system could mean safer roads

You know the streets that you drive on regularly well. You probably know which ones people speed on often and which ones have the most crashes. However, just because you know this information does not necessarily mean local police officers do. That may soon change, though, as the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the University of Connecticut team up to create a new and better system for reporting car accidents and other traffic-related information. 

Patients face hospital-acquired infections when germs won't die

In Connecticut, many of us think of hospitals as safe places to be. We're surrounded by medical professionals, and medicines and other life-saving treatments are nearby. What we often don't consider, however, are the germs that lurk in the cracks and crevices of hospitals. These germs can cause avoidable injury to patients. 

Former football players sue NFL for brain injuries

Many New Haven residents are familiar with the National Football League and many of its players. For millions of Americans, football is the ultimate sport to watch and play. Sunday fans from across the nation tune in to watch their favorite teams battle it out for the win. But what most people do not realize is the high rates of injury that most of the players will experience in their lifetimes. In fact, playing football has caused several players to suffer massive brain injuries from years of playing.

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