We blog regularly about car accidents in Connecticut. Some are the result of drunk driving, some are due to distracted driving, and others are weather-related. Have you ever wondered, however, what the most common causes of accidents in Connecticut are?

According to the state Department of Transportation, the most common cause of car accidents is following too closely. According to 2011 data, more than one-third of car accidents in Connecticut were caused by drivers not leaving enough room between the cars in front of them. The second most frequent cause of car accidents in our state is failure to grant right of way, which caused 10,595 accidents in 2011.

When we think of common causes of car accidents, these first two may not have been at the top of our minds. Drunk driving accidents, on the other hand, are often highly publicized. According to the Connecticut DOT, however, less than 2 percent of drivers involved in car accidents were intoxicated in some way. Drivers losing control of their cars and speeding were the third and fourth most common causes of car accidents.

As the DOT’s data shows, there are many different causes of car accidents. What the numbers also show, is that these car accidents can be easily prevented. Next time you are out on the road, try to be conscious of how you are driving. Everyone wants to get home quickly after work, but maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of you will help ensure that you get home safely.

Source: Waterford Patch, “Snapshots of Car Crash Trends in Connecticut – And Waterford,” Paul Petrone, April 21, 2013