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School teaches spinal cord injury prevention to Third graders

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2013 | Spinal Cord Injuries

“You’ll never be able to walk again” is something no New Haven resident ever wants to hear. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many people suffering from spinal cord injuries. Bound to a wheelchair for the rest of one’s life is a harsh price to pay. Most spinal cord injuries are preventable, and may be caused by the negligence of another. Often times, victims of drunk drivers have to endure life-long paralysis for the recklessness of another.

One school district is attempting to combine spinal cord safety into their curriculum in the hopes of preventing head and spinal cord injuries to elementary students. The lessons include many hands on activities including making spine models out of clay and creating safety posters. Many third-graders were even exposed to a human brain, and some of the braver students were allowed to touch it. The curriculum also had a unit on motor vehicle and pedestrian safety.

Spinal cord injuries can occur for a variety of reasons. A common cause is motor vehicle accidents. Most of these elementary students will someday be drivers of their own. Reckless, distracted and negligent drivers have all caused various victims to suffer from a lifetime of spinal cord injuries. Unlike wearing a helmet or being extra cautious, there is no telling when to expect a freak car accident.

Most New Haven residents are aware of the severity of spinal cord injuries. Anytime an individual suffers a spinal cord injury from the negligence of another, such as a drunk driver, they may be eligible for compensation. Hospital bills and loss wages can add up. A civil lawsuit can help compensate a victim for that suffering.

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