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Fatal car accident kills 29-year-old New Haven woman

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2013 | Car Accidents

Many people from earlier years would have guessed by now that we would have driverless cars. While the technology is in the making, society is stuck with the current driver-required car. Without human drivers, the world would likely be rid of 90 percent or more of car accidents. Often times, auto accidents result in serious injury or death due to the error of a driver.

Distracted, reckless and drunk driving have all cost many people their lives. A car accident in New Haven recently took the life of a 29-year-old woman and injured three others. The two-car crash occurred late last Friday night after a vehicle carrying three passengers collided with another vehicle. One of the cars struck a light pole, as well, causing an area-wide power outage.

The accident is still under investigation by police. It is unclear at this time who or what caused the crash. A New Haven police officer reportedly tried to pull over one of the cars involved just minutes before the crash. According to the officer, the car was driven erratically and ran a red light.

Determining who is to blame in an accident is very important. Anytime negligent actions such as running a red light or texting while driving are determined to be the cause of the crash, the individual guilty of negligence may often be responsible for the injuries or death that he or she caused. New Haven experiences many car accidents a year. Until the driverless car is perfected, residents will have to live with the dangers of the driver car.

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