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Bullying causes teen to suffer brain injury

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2013 | Brain Injury

Every year over 1.7 million Americans will suffer from a traumatic brain injury. TBI is one of the worst injuries to sustain. Many New Haven residents know how crucial the brain is to the human body. Without it we would cease to function. Injury to the brain can cause some serious life-long injuries as well as death in many cases. The majority of these injuries are from car accidents or slips and falls but every now and then, foul play can be blamed for TBI. Recently a teen suffered a brain injury after several bullies repeatedly threw footballs at his head while school officials allegedly did nothing to prevent it.

The teen and his grandma are now filing a lawsuit against the school district and four school officials after the teen was released from the hospital where doctors had to remove a blood clot from the boy’s brain. The young man claims the bullies caused him to suffer permanent brain damage and neurological and cognitive impairment. The teen allegedly had been bullied for months prior to the incident and even told school officials about it but they apparently did nothing to stop it.

He claims that they failed to prevent the brutal attack and were negligent to such a serious problem. Bullying is a serious issue in America. Often times victims suffer physical and mental abuse that in some cases leads to suicide, physical injuries or severe depression. School officials, friends, families and strangers can all help prevent it. The teen from above claims his school did nothing to stop it and now as a result he has to deal with brain damage for the rest of his life.

Any New Haven resident that has suffered a brain injury from the negligence of another may be compensated for their injuries. Experienced attorneys may provide legal advice for victims interested in seeking compensation.

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