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Fight in New Haven diner leaves one person in serious condition

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2013 | Brain Injury

From arguments over girls to spilt beer, every bar owner has probably seen at least one or two fist fights in their life. While such a common occurrence may not seem like a big deal, serious injuries are often the result. One New Haven man remains in serious conditions after receiving a life-threatening head injury as a result of a fist fight.

The fight allegedly occurred in the parking lot of a Cody’s Diner. The fight was supposedly started between two diner patrons. One person in the fight hit the other over the head with an object. The patron hit with the object suffered a head injury and was later taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital with a life-threatening head injury. The police are continuing to investigate the fight. Any time the head is injured in a fight, the chance of sustaining a brain injury increases.

Brain damage can often lead to permanent mental or physical damage, or even death. Every year over 100,000 Americans suffer from brain damage. The injuries mostly occur from falls or car accidents, but sometimes physical fights are the cause. Any time there is a physical fight, there is always the chance of causing brain damage. Offenders are often charged with a form of assault and may be civilly liable for injuries they cause.

Brain injuries yield some of the most expensive medical costs. It is important for any New Haven residents who have been a victim of a brain injury to get the right information about their options to ensure proper compensation is awarded.

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