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Car crosses center line, leaves 4 injured in Wallingford crash

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2013 | Car Accidents

When we get into our cars each day, we assume a certain responsibility to drive safely and to obey traffic laws. Unfortunately, no amount of diligence while driving can change how others choose to drive. Distractions like cellphones, loud passengers and trying to eat while driving can lead to a momentary loss of control that may result in a serious car accident. This may have been what happened in a recent Connecticut car accident that left four people injured.

According to Wallingford police, a two-car crash on Route 68 was the result of one driver crossing the center line. The driver who caused the Sunday afternoon collision was heading east when his vehicle drifted over the double yellow lines and hit another car. A man and his two young children were occupying the car that was hit. Police have not filed charges yet.

Fortunately, no one seems to have been seriously injured in this crash. However, both drivers and the two children all sustained minor injuries and needed medical treatment.

Even if a person is not seriously injured in a car accident, a personal injury lawsuit may still be appropriate and worth pursuing. Even minor injuries can be expensive to treat, and not everyone is financially prepared for unexpected medical costs. In addition to helping victims obtain compensation for their injuries, a personal injury claim can also go a long way toward encouraging drivers to avoid distraction in the future. Seeking legal advice is a good first step toward filing a civil lawsuit.

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