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Car accident leaves four injured and one dead

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2013 | Car Accidents

Sports cars can be appealing to many New Haven residents for a variety of reasons. They are often fast, attractive and fun to drive. No matter the reason, owning a sports car provides drivers with many benefits. However, many owners find it hard to resist speeding in these high-powered vehicles and can sometimes lose control. Unfortunately, that may have been the case recently when a bus full of lacrosse players found out the harm a small sports car could inflict.

The bus full of college lacrosse players was involved in a car accident that caused one death and four injuries. The accident was believed to have been caused by a sports car that spun out of control, causing the bus carrying 38 people to topple on its side. The bus driver told investigators that he began to notice the sports car veering across the three-lane road when it lost control, causing the bus to unavoidably crash straight into it.

The driver said the sports car exploded on impact. The 65-year-old behind the wheel of the sports car is in critical condition while his 64-year-old passenger was pronounced dead. Police are still investigating the crash. It is unclear at this point whether excess speed from the sports car was a determining factor of the crash. When accidents like this occur, it is always important to prove who is at fault. In car accidents, whoever is at fault is typically liable for the accident and may have to pay damages to other injured drivers.

With spring so near, some New Haven residents may be getting their sports cars ready for a spin. It’s important for owners to drive carefully and obey traffic laws. Any car accidents caused by a driver’s negligence could result in legal trouble.

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