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March 2013 Archives

Wrongful death trial from truck crash heads to trial in Hartford

After trying to settle the case in mediation, a trucking company and several plaintiffs will head to court to resolve a wrongful death claim. The claim stems from a 2007 fatal truck accident in East Lyme. The case was moved to Hartford Superior Court from New London because of the complexity of the claim.

Bionic suit may help spinal cord injury victims walk again

Many New Haven residents are familiar with the most recent Batman movie. In the movie the protagonist suffers from a broken back near the end. In order to stop the bad guy, Batman must find a way to walk again. In the span of a short time, Batman somehow rehabilitates himself by doing push-ups and ab workouts in order to walk again. What may seem like total fantasy may be a possibility some day. Recent developments in spinal cord injury research have given hope to many paraplegics to walk again with the development of bionic legs.

Despite decrease in intern hours, medical mistakes still happen

We all have an image in our head of the overworked hospital intern. Whether from watching Grey's Anatomy or from personal experience, it's a widespread notion that first-year residents are overworked and always tired. For many, this image conjures up fears of medical malpractice.

Car crosses center line, leaves 4 injured in Wallingford crash

When we get into our cars each day, we assume a certain responsibility to drive safely and to obey traffic laws. Unfortunately, no amount of diligence while driving can change how others choose to drive. Distractions like cellphones, loud passengers and trying to eat while driving can lead to a momentary loss of control that may result in a serious car accident. This may have been what happened in a recent Connecticut car accident that left four people injured.

March marks brain injury awareness month

Just about every New Haven resident is familiar with Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison. All of them were great geniuses and made drastic contributions to our world. What all of them had in common was a healthy brain. One can image what would have happen if Einstein had suffered a traumatic brain injury. The theory of relativity may have just been an enigmatic equation yet to be discovered.

Fight in New Haven diner leaves one person in serious condition

From arguments over girls to spilt beer, every bar owner has probably seen at least one or two fist fights in their life. While such a common occurrence may not seem like a big deal, serious injuries are often the result. One New Haven man remains in serious conditions after receiving a life-threatening head injury as a result of a fist fight.

Drunk driver sentenced for fatal East Haven crash

"There is no satisfaction of drunk driving." The words of a young drunk driving victim's uncle ring true for too many people in Connecticut and across the country. Unfortunately, every year thousands of people continue to get behind the wheel after drinking. A 16-year-old East Haven boy's story illustrates the consequences of these negligent decisions all too clearly.

Man sues Bridgeport hospital for left-behind sponge

Last week we talked about the widespread issue of surgeons failing to remove items like gauze or sponges from surgical patients. When surgeons fail to remove an item from a patient's body, it can lead to serious health problems down the road. Unfortunately, one man who sought care at a Connecticut hospital experience just how bad those health problems can be.

Car accident leaves four injured and one dead

Sports cars can be appealing to many New Haven residents for a variety of reasons. They are often fast, attractive and fun to drive. No matter the reason, owning a sports car provides drivers with many benefits. However, many owners find it hard to resist speeding in these high-powered vehicles and can sometimes lose control. Unfortunately, that may have been the case recently when a bus full of lacrosse players found out the harm a small sports car could inflict.

Bridgeport detective hurt when car ran red light

In Bridgeport, when we get in our cars, we do our best to drive safely, ensuring that we protect ourselves and others on the road. We don't text and drive, we don't get behind the wheel after we've been drinking and we make sure to obey traffic signals. Unfortunately, however, we cannot control other drivers, and when a driver is distracted or disobeys traffic laws, it can put others in serious danger.

Mother seeking compensation after daughter left brain damaged

When most New Haven residents seek medical help, they trust the medical personnel to ensure that proper care is given. A lot of trust is bestowed upon doctors, but what happens when doctors make negligent errors which injure their patients? One woman has found the answer to this question the hard way when her daughter was allegedly left brain damaged after a misdiagnosis by a pediatrician.

Thousands of patients suffer from left-behind surgical items

Here in New Haven, we rightfully expect that our doctors know what they are doing when we go in for routine care or a cold. If we need an operation, that trust we place in our care providers is amplified. After all, doctors have gone through years of training and practice to be able to confidently and accurately operate on a patient. Unfortunately, recent studies show that patients may have some cause for concern.

Decade-long decline in teen accidents offset by recent fatalities

Many of us in Connecticut may know a teen driver who has gotten into an accident. It is no secret that lack of driving experience -- combined with other factors like cellphone use and distracting passengers -- can increase the likelihood of a collision for a teenager. In recent years, however, there has been a dramatic drop in the number of fatal teen accidents across the U.S.

Medical malpractice victim makes full recovery

Every time we enter surgery, we put our fate in the doctor's hands. One wrong move could kill someone or make them paralyzed for life. For one New Haven resident, a doctor made a horrifying error that left her in a three-year coma.

2-car crash in Woodbridge leaves drivers hospitalized

Late last week, two Connecticut drivers found themselves in the hospital after a serious car accident. The crash, which occurred in Woodbridge, involved two vehicles that collided at an intersection Thursday afternoon. One of the drivers had to be removed from the car by emergency responders. Both drivers were transported to Yale New Haven Hospital. One was in serious condition, and the other was released later that day.

Birth injuries can result from medical malpractice

The miracle of child birth can be one of the most exciting things to occur in a person's lifetime. The moment a child enters the world can bring tears to the toughest of people. For many, child birth usually goes pretty smoothly. However, what happens if something in the birth process went wrong? Every parent's worst fear is their newborn sustaining a birth injury.

Winter weather causes collisions across Connecticut

Yesterday morning, winter weather blew through Connecticut, bringing a string of serious car accidents with it. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do when inclement weather strikes. However, drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles in a manner that is appropriate for the current road conditions. In a situation like this, that would likely entail slowing down, making sure your headlights are on and maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of you. If drivers fail to drive safely and cause a collision, it may be cause for a personal injury claim.

16-year-old may walk again after spinal cord injury

One of the worst places to suffer an injury is in the spinal cord, which sends out signals from the brain to the body. A severe enough injury can put someone in a wheel chair for the rest of his or her life. For many New Haven residents, a spinal cord injury can devastate their lives. However, for one teenager, the future is bright with recovery.

3 killed, 2 injured in Route 2 crash in Norwich

A week ago today, three people were killed in a tragic car accident on Route 2 near Preston. Two others were injured in the single-car crash. According to Norwich police, the car left the road near a turn at which the speed limit is reduced from 45 mph to 35 mph.

Trial to start over alleged misdiagnosis of meningitis

Medical malpractice is a serious issue that plagues our country. As we've discussed in previous blog posts, thousands of medical errors occur every year, putting patients in New Haven and elsewhere in serious danger of getting injured or suffering from a hospital-acquired infection. When a hospital or doctor causes an injury directly or by failing to diagnose a patient's condition, they can be held responsible.

Water-tubing may cause traumatic brain injury

The brain is the most vital organ of the body; the body cannot function without it. A traumatic brain injury can lead to paralysis, permanent disability or even death of the victim. Although the terms "traumatic brain injury" and "head injury" are used interchangeably, head injury is a broader term, which encompasses other injuries like skull fracture and scalp damage.

Robotic arms: A new hope for spinal cord injury victims

Connecticut drivers know that motor vehicle accidents may lead to serious and even catastrophic injuries. When a person is in a motor vehicle accident, neck and spinal cord injuries are some of the most serious injuries that are suffered.

Drunk driver causes multi-car crash at Norwalk stoplight

In Connecticut, we all know the dangers of drunk driving. There are ad campaigns everywhere discouraging people from driving while intoxicated and reminding them of the potential consequences. Despite that, some drivers still make the poor decision to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, endangering themselves and others.

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