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Surgical error cases are rampant across United States

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2013 | Medical Malpractice

There may be a number of people in New Haven, Connecticut, who have been victims of surgical error or other carelessness on the part of health care providers. Medical negligence of surgeons and hospital staff may produce devastating results endangering the life and health of patients. Surgical errors are not confined to specific states or areas; rather it is rampant across the country.

According to a recent study, approximately 4,000 surgical errors occur every year in the U.S. Leaving a foreign object inside the patient’s body, performing wrong-site surgery and adopting the wrong procedure are among the most common mistakes made by surgeons. “Never events” that should not occur in surgery are quite rampant in this country.

Reportedly, one of every 15 surgical error cases leads to a patient’s death. These mistakes are preventable and, according to the author of a study, an accurate public account of these mistakes may go a long way in curbing such incidents in the future. Although hospitals usually have their own reporting system for recording mistakes, it still misses most of the errors.

Hospitals should ensure that the doctors and other staff are not involved in “never events.” Considering that consequences of surgical and medical errors may be fatal, hospitals should promptly take appropriate action if such errors occur. It may help in providing immediate medical attention to the patient and can considerably reduce those mistakes in the future.

A surgical error may result in a serious or deadly infection and other complications. Patients who have become victims of these mistakes may have to go through prolonged pain and illness. Besides, a surgical error may also result in permanent disability or death.

Hospitals or surgeons who commit surgical errors because of negligence or carelessness may be responsible. Victims of surgical error or their families can file a personal injury lawsuit claiming compensation for medical malpractice. They can seek compensation for medical expenses, permanent disability and other associated financial loss.

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