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February 2013 Archives

FDA surveys surgeons over safety of surgical robots

In the last several years, there have been huge technological advances in the medical world. While they are all meant to better medical care and research, it's important that they be thoroughly tested to ensure that they are safe for use on patients. To this end, our readers may be interested in a current probe by the federal Food and Drug Administration into Intuitive Surgical Inc.'s surgical robots.

Connecticut man hit by police car sues state for millions

Nearly three years ago, a local restaurant owner was driving home when he ran out of gas. He got out of his truck and attempted to cross the road when a police car came speeding toward him. The police car crashed into the man, and he will suffer from its effects forever.

Doctor error causes woman to lose baby

When a couple finds out they are pregnant, feelings of joy and elation often follow. The idea of a starting a family and raising a child is something many people wish for their entire lives. If that hope and aspiration gets taken away, it can be devastating. Unfortunately, one woman and her husband and child recently found this out when a doctor made a grave error during a prenatal visit.

Surgical error cases are rampant across United States

There may be a number of people in New Haven, Connecticut, who have been victims of surgical error or other carelessness on the part of health care providers. Medical negligence of surgeons and hospital staff may produce devastating results endangering the life and health of patients. Surgical errors are not confined to specific states or areas; rather it is rampant across the country.

Would publicizing medical errors make them less frequent?

As we've talked about in past blog posts, medical errors happen way more frequently that we'd like to think. In January, we referenced a study from Johns Hopkins University that found that at least 4,000 medical mistakes occur annually. These mistakes can range from forgetting to remove a sponge from a surgical patient to performing an operation on the wrong patient. Regardless of their severity, none are good and all are threatening to the patients' well-being. So, how can we keep these mistakes out of New Haven hospitals and other medical facilities across the country?

Negligent C-section may cause birth injury and complications

New Haven women who are planning to have a child or who may be pregnant will be interested to hear the risks of having a Cesarean section. In general, unnecessary surgery may not be good for the mother or the baby and can cause birth injury.

Drug verdict: Manufacturer knew adverse effects but kept quiet

When people in New Haven are prescribed a drug to treat an illness or lingering medical condition, they should expect that the medication does what it purports to do -- or at least does not introduce any problems that were not present before. In what could develop into a medical malpractice case for several plaintiffs, a drug company was recently found liable for not properly disclosing the risks associated with taking a popular prescription drug.

Antipsychotic meds overuse rampant in Connecticut nursing homes

New Haven, Connecticut, residents who visit nursing homes for treatment should be very cautious about drugs prescribed to them. They should understand that medical negligence may result in an inappropriate diagnosis and incorrect or improper administration of drugs that may injure the health and life of patients.

Man dies in car accident near New Haven, Connecticut

Car accidents are very common everywhere and New Haven, Connecticut, is no exception. A number of people die or suffer serious injuries in car crash incidents every year. A big portion of these fatalities occur where two or more vehicles are involved in the accident.

Brain injury to preterm infants may cause permanent disability

New Haven, Connecticut parents might well understand the potential dangers associated with injury caused to infants during birth or the period immediately following. A birth injury or the lack of prenatal care may prove devastating. Such risks become graver when the child is born prematurely.

Would medical malpractice claims go down if doctors said "sorry"?

Thousands of patients around the country every year are affected by surgical errors made by the medical professionals who are responsible for their care. For many of the people whose health has suffered because of a medical mistake, oftentimes the best -- and seemingly only -- route to achieve satisfaction is to demand compensation from the people and organizations at fault.

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