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Four hospitalized after Connecticut car collision

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2013 | Car Accidents

A large number of road fatalities are reported every year in Connecticut. Car accidents are very common and are mainly caused by negligent or reckless drivers. The consequences of these accidents may prove fatal.

Recently in Stamford, Connecticut, four people were sent to the hospital for treatment after two cars collided. According to police, the accident occurred at night while a car traveling west collided with another car heading north.

Drivers of both the vehicles sustained non-life threatening injuries, while two passengers sustained critical injuries. All victims of the car collision are being treated in a Norwalk hospital. Although authorities have not named any charges, alcohol is believed to have been involved in the crash and further information is being sought.

Drunk driving is a major factor behind car accidents in Connecticut. Drunk drivers often fail to drive diligently, which can cause fatal accidents. Because of this, Connecticut traffic rules prescribe legal limits for blood alcohol content levels to promote safer driving conditions and prevent negligent drivers from getting on the road. However, violations of this rule are rampant.

Apart from drunk driving, there are also several other traffic violations that may result in car fatalities. Speeding, wrong-way driving, distracted driving, running traffic signals and overlooking warning signs are also very common factors that lead to car accidents. These accidents may cause serious and life threatening injuries to victims. However, in some of the most tragic cases the victim dies at the scene of the crash and succumbs to injuries before reaching the hospital.

In Connecticut, victims of car accidents and their family members have the right to take legal action to seek compensation for their loss in terms of pecuniary relief. They can file a personal injury suit against the negligent driver, claiming compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages, disability and pain and suffering.

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