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January 2013 Archives

Running stop sign results in car crash in Connecticut

Motor vehicle accidents involving cars are very common in and around New Haven, Connecticut. A number of innocent people become victims of car accidents every year. The negligence and recklessness of car drivers contribute to these fatalities.

Do patients always know when a hospital error has been made?

When people in New Haven go into the hospital and have to be treated for some kind of illness or condition that requires medication, they generally assume that they will be given the correct medication -- and if they are not, that they will be told about it. However, a new study has found that such hospital errors might happen more often than people realize -- and when they do, patients are not always told about them.

Wrong laboratory test report may result in misdiagnosis

There may be a number of people in Connecticut who have suffered harmful consequences resulting from misdiagnosis of illness. Laboratory result errors are one potential reason behind such medical malpractice and may severely affect the life and health of patients.

Spinal cord injury may cause partial or permanent disability

There are certain types of bodily injuries that may produce prolonged illness or disability. Spinal cord injury is one that causes paralysis and physical disability. Connecticut residents are aware that medical treatment often does not provide fruitful results in these cases, thereby leaving the person with tremendous difficulties to handle. In order to make the lives of spinal cord injury victims helpful, researches and studies are continually conducted.

Pro wrestler files surgical malpractice lawsuit

Former professional wrestler and reality TV star Hulk Hogan has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a spinal clinic. In the suit, Hogan accused the clinic's doctors and surgeons of subjecting him to unnecessary surgical procedures and, in doing so, causing him unnecessary pain and "severely" damaging his career. The clinic has not publicly responded to the lawsuit.

Traumatic brain injury: Big contributor of injury-related deaths

Connecticut residents might be aware of the fact that brain damage is a major cause of deaths from accidents. There are all kinds of accidents, some more serious than others, but if a victim sustains traumatic brain injury, the outcomes may be devastating. Sometimes, although a victim may survive, such an injury may result in prolonged or permanent disability, making the victim's life difficult.

Can doctor be held responsible for crash caused by medication?

Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a new regulation which requires drug manufacturers to cut their maximum dosages for popular sleep aids. The aim of the regulation is to decrease the lingering effects of sleeping pills, such as drowsiness and distraction, and to thereby reduce the occurrence of car accidents and related incidents.

Study reveals increase in medical negligence cases in Connecticut

Most Connecticut residents may not be aware of the increasing frequency of surgical errors in hospitals throughout the state. A recent report by the state Department of Public Health has revealed shocking medical negligence statistics.

Fatal car accident claims two lives in Connecticut

Many Connecticut residents may be aware of the long-term consequences that accidents may have on victims and their family members. A car accident may not only be the cause of physical and emotional pain and suffering but may also claim someone's life.

Malpractice study finds alarming rate of surgical 'never events'

When patient safety researchers use the term "never events," they are talking about harmful and completely preventable surgical errors such as leaving a foreign object inside a patient's body or operating on the wrong part of the body altogether. While it seems unfathomable that such surgical errors take place in any situations, a new study has found that they are more common that most of us would like to believe. To make matters more troubling, the researchers admitted that their estimates are probably on the low side.

Mild TBI may go undetected; cause disorders

A large number of people suffer accidental injuries every year in Connecticut. Among all types of injuries, brain injury is regarded as the most serious injury. In several cases, mild brain injury goes unnoticed and produces severe consequences at a later stage.

Medical malpractice cases still common in the U.S.

Our New Haven readers may be interested to learn that a recent study in the U.S. has revealed medical errors still happen with more frequency than they should. The study on medical malpractice was conducted by a research team of doctors from the Johns Hopkins Medical Center and published in a medical journal.

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