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Two officers injured in accident after teen flees police

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2012 | Car Accidents

Police officers on the job are always at risk of accidents and injury. After an car collision that occurred the day after Christmas, a veteran cop and his partner were taken to urgent care. According to reports, their car was slammed by a teenage driver. One of the officers had just returned to work after suffering injuries when he fell through a skylight while pursuing burglars. Both officers endured severe head, neck and back injuries in the car accident.

According to reports the teen was fleeing from other officers at the time of the Bridgeport, Connecticut collision. Two officers were responding to an unrelated call when they spotted a speeding silver Honda. They tried to catch the car, but it sped off, running traffic lights and eluding the police. The vehicle took several turns and made multiple traffic violations when it eventually struck the other police cruiser.

The accident caused severe damage to both vehicles and the patrol car’s passenger door was ripped off in the collision. Though the driver was not immediately charged, it is likely that he will be arrested after the investigation moves forward. In cases involving negligence and criminal conduct, the criminal evidence can be used in a personal injury case. The teen driver in this accident could be held liable for injuries caused to the officers.

There was another passenger who was charged with interfering with police officers. He allegedly lunged at officers after he exited the vehicle and had to be wrestled to the ground. Any officer faces danger when on duty; however, they are still able to pursue injury claims against negligent or reckless drivers in the event of an accident. The officers may also be eligible to collect workers’ compensation.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Two Bridgeport officers hurt in crash,” Daniel Tepfur and Frank Juliano, Dec. 26, 2012



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