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December 2012 Archives

Three Connecticut women killed in car crash

Connecticut residents understand the importance of following traffic rules while driving. Driving negligently and disobeying traffic rules may put many innocent lives at risk. This happened recently when a car crash proved fatal for three women.

Government seeks greater oversight of electronic health records

Earlier this month, the federal government issued somewhat of an ultimatum to medical care providers and the software companies that create, install and maintain their computerized patient data systems. Either come up with a system for voluntarily reporting errors and issued with electronic health records, the government said, or we will do it for you.

Teenager charged in fatal Connecticut car accident

Connecticut residents are no strangers to traffic accidents. A car accident caused by a negligent driver may result in serious injuries and fatalities. In a recent incident, a teenager was charged with negligently causing the death of another person in a car crash. According to reports, the accident occurred a few months ago when a pickup truck collided with an SUV. The driver of the SUV was found dead at the scene.

Two officers injured in accident after teen flees police

Police officers on the job are always at risk of accidents and injury. After an car collision that occurred the day after Christmas, a veteran cop and his partner were taken to urgent care. According to reports, their car was slammed by a teenage driver. One of the officers had just returned to work after suffering injuries when he fell through a skylight while pursuing burglars. Both officers endured severe head, neck and back injuries in the car accident.

Postnatal complications are on the rise in New Haven

In the past decade or so, the occurrence of complications suffered after childbirth by both the infant and mother has skyrocketed, causing severe injury and even death to many women and babies who, prior to the incident, were perfectly healthy. Now, hospitals in Connecticut and around the country are taking targeted action to reduce these fatal complications through a series of lifelike drills and exercises.

ER overcrowding may increase harm to patients, study finds

It seems fairly obvious that when emergency rooms are overcrowded to the point that patients are turned away or have to wait several hours to be seen, those patients may suffer additional harm as a result of that overcrowding. Now, a study has confirmed that increased risk.

Illegally parked commercial trucks pose hazards on I-95

National trucking regulations require that drivers limit the number of hours they on the road without rest. For cross-country truckers, this often means pulling over at a truck or rest stop. After a string of accidents on I-95, authorities are investigating why so many truckers have parked illegally, finding a shortage of spaces throughout Connecticut and New England.

Top 10 OSHA violations this year

Workplace injuries are often preventable, requiring that employers, contractors and sub-contractors take care in creating a safe work environment. OSHA is the federal agency responsible for regulating safe workplace conditions and in investigating in the event of an injury or death. OSHA is charged with regulating safety policies, procedures, and equipment and has the authority to fine a company or organization that is in violation of OSHA regulations.

Web surfing, distracted driving accidents on the rise

Surfing the Internet used to be an activity we did in the privacy of our own homes, like watching T.V. Logging into the Internet required logging in and remaining stationary. With the development of new portable technology, including smartphones and iPads, more Americans have access to the Internet while walking, at a restaurant, or in their vehicles.

DUI accident kills Dallas Cowboy, teammate charged

After a tragic DUI accident this weekend, one Dallas Cowboy is dead, and his teammate is facing serious criminal charges, including intoxication manslaughter. Josh Brent is being charged after flipping his car and killing his teammate, Jerry Brown. Brent was supposed to be on a flight to Cincinnati for a Sunday game only hours after the collision, but was arrested and taken into custody. Brown was found unresponsive at the scene and later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Study: Young surgeons are prone to distraction while operating

A new study has found that new, inexperienced surgeons may be more prone to distractions in the operating room. Needless to say, this distractibility causes surgeons to make surgical errors that result in serious harm to their patients. Although the study was small, it will hopefully spark additional research and, hopefully, meaningful change in how young surgeons receive and handle distraction while operating on patients.

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