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Driver exposed after blaming dead victim for deadly DUI crash

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2012 | Car Accidents, Wrongful Death

A recent update regarding a tragic drinking and driving accident that occurred last February has sent waves of fury throughout the Waterbury, Connecticut community. After an intensive investigation, a 21-year-old has finally been charged after lying about who was driving the car the night of the fatal drunk-driving accident.

The DUI accident occurred last February when 2 vehicles were driving the wrong-way on I-84. Investigators revealed that there were 2 wrong-way drivers and 2 separate accidents that caused injuries to both drivers and 1 fatlity. Initial reports were based on statements made by the 21-year-old who claimed that the deceased victim was driving the car. In addition to the fatality, another woman was severely injured in the accident causing severe pain and leaving her unable to work.

After an 8-month investigation, DNA evidence put the alleged and surviving “passenger” behind the wheel. Police finally arrested the 21-year-old driver after conflicting reports and questions about who was driving the car. Police uncovered the lie and have now charged her with second-degree manslaughter with a motor vehicle, DUI and hindering an investigation.

Family and friends of the victim are disgusted that the driver not only watched her friend die on the highway, she blamed her deceased friend for the drunk-driving accident. In addition to the criminal charges, it is likely that the evidence will also be relevant in any personal injury or wrongful death claim filed against the negligent and criminally liable woman who is now being held responsible for the fatal crash.

Source: News 8 WTNH, “Wrong-way driver charged in fatal crash,” Bob Wilson, Nov. 9, 2012



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