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November 2012 Archives

Court upholds medical malpractice ruling in doctor-patient affair

Does a doctor's affair with a married patient constitute medical malpractice? Yes, according to a recent decision of a state court of appeals. However, the court also ruled, the patient shares the fault for the ongoing affair because of her willing participation in it.

Brain injury study debunks potential treatment; researchers disappointed

A hotly anticipated study into a possible remedy for traumatic brain injury has turned up nothing, leaving some of the country's most prominent brain experts bitterly disappointed.

Woman sues hospital for missed cancer diagnosis

A woman has filed a medical malpractice against a hospital, claiming that hospital staff misread her routine medical tests for five years and ultimately missed her cancer diagnosis. Since being properly diagnosed, the woman has successfully undergone treatment and has been declared cancer-free. However, because an early diagnosis is often the key to cancer survival, there are many more people in Connecticut and around the country who have paid the ultimate price for a missed diagnosis.

After 4 years, Walmart still fighting OSHA fine for Black Friday death

For consumers in in New Haven, Connecticut and nationwide, Black Friday means sales, shopping sprees, and even post-Thanksgiving bonding with loved ones. Four years ago, the name "Black Friday" took on a different meaning when an employee was trampled to death by frenzied shoppers in a Walmart store.

Nursing home evacuations can increase death rates

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc along the coast and the full extent of damage is still unknown. One of the silent risks of this type of storm is the aftermath caused by relocation. According to a recent study, nursing home patients who are relocated during an evacuation can be put in grave danger and even suffer fatalities because of ill-prepared organizations and agencies. The most vulnerable residents often suffer because of systematic flaw and failed agency guidelines in the relocation of patients.

Landscaping employee killed in tree-cutting accident

In a prior post we warned about the potential dangers of post-clean up accidents and injuries. Government employees as well as private companies responsible for removing trees and debris after Hurricane Sandy are facing unpredictable elements and hidden dangers. In addition to dangerous tools or falls, many workers could be endangered by unstable structures. In a tragic work-related accident last week, a Connecticut employee was killed while trying to cut down in Middlebury.

How to protect yourself from common medical mistakes (2)

Last week, we wrote a blog post about some of the most common medical mistakes that take place with unfortunate regularity at hospitals in New Haven and around the country. Today, we will continue that discussion with a look at some of the medical errors that take place in the operating room.

Driver exposed after blaming dead victim for deadly DUI crash

A recent update regarding a tragic drinking and driving accident that occurred last February has sent waves of fury throughout the Waterbury, Connecticut community. After an intensive investigation, a 21-year-old has finally been charged after lying about who was driving the car the night of the fatal drunk-driving accident.

How to protect yourself from common medical mistakes (1)

If someone was to ask you what you thought the most common causes of death in the U.S. are, what would you say? Car accidents, heart disease, diabetes or cancer? While those certainly do cause many fatalities, there is one other leading cause of death that many people are not aware of: medical mistakes.

Post-storm clean up can be dangerous for crews

Government employees as well as private contractors are working on cleaning up debris, including fallen trees, after Hurricane Sandy. According to local doctors, workers responsible for post-storm clean-up are at risk of serious injury caused by chainsaws, woodsplitters and other tools. The machinery can cause gruesome injuries, including amputation and deep tissue wounds to fingers and hands.

Red decals may reduce accidents among teens

Teenage drivers are inexperienced and can be reckless or distracted behind the wheel. Legislators in Connecticut and nationwide have created licensing limitations for new drivers through graduated licensing programs intended to curb certain distractions and the potential for accidents. Nationwide, states have varied on the kinds of limitations placed on teen drivers, but New Jersey is the first to require red decals to signal to police officers that the driver is on a graduated licensing system.

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