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October 2012 Archives

Electric cars pose additional hazards at accident scenes

Immediately after an accident, it is important to secure the scene to prevent additional injuries or fatalities. Electrocution, explosions, fires, blown airbags and other reactions caused by a compromised vehicle can seriously injure roadside assistance crews, bystanders, passengers, paramedics and law enforcement officials. According to recent reports, even though electric or hybrid vehicles are good for the environment, they may pose additional hazards when comproised after a car accident.

Connecticut ranks high in medical liability payments

In a recent study of the states with the highest average medical liability payments in surgical malpractice claims, Connecticut ranked near the top, with the second-highest average settlement amounts and jury awards out of all 50 U.S. states. The only state to place higher on the list was Illinois.

Study: Half of medical malpractice claims are dropped

A new study has found that the majority of medical malpractice claims that are filed in New Haven and across the country are ultimately dropped by the plaintiffs before ever making it to court. Researchers say that most of the plaintiffs who abandon their claims decide to do so when they gain information during the normal course of their lawsuit preparation and, during that process, learn that their case may not be strong enough to succeed in court.

Monster Energy Drinks facing wrongful death lawsuit, FDA investigating

Energy drinks have replaced soda in the marketplace and sales rose 17% last year. Energy drinks are becoming more and more popular in Connecticut and nationwide; however, they have also been under scrutiny since being linked to an increased risk of heart-attack. Monster Energy Drink, known for its high doses of caffeine has been cited in 5 deaths and 1 non-fatal heart attack according to recent reports.

Distracted driving and pets: the dangers of driving with lapdogs

Distracted driving is becoming a leading cause of car accidents in New Haven, Connecticut and nationwide. While drivers may recognize handheld devices, cellphones, and iPods as a distraction, they may not consider the unforeseen dangers of driving with a lapdog. In addition to eating while driving, putting on make-up and using a cell phone, new evidence also suggests that motorists could be distracted by their pets, posing the risk of serious injury and fatal accidents.In a recent accident, a woman crossed the median and lost control of her vehicle, plowing into a canopy of trees off the side of the highway. The accident resulted in her own death and injury to two other passengers on the road, including a 7-year-old girl. Authorities suspect that the 47-year-old woman was distracted by the Chihuahua sitting on her lap. The impact from the accident also killed the small dog.

Fish oil may help patients of traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can severely reduce capacity, affect mood, cause depression, alter personalities, impact memory and cause a range of other symptoms related to brain function. A recent report indicates that the use of fish oil may help to improve recovery for patients of traumatic brain injury in Connecticut and nationwide.

Study: Post-surgical errors cause injury, death

In a recent study on the frequency and effects of post-operative errors, researchers uncovered some startling information. Not only does such surgical malpractice occur, but it is actually fairly common. What is most unsettling, however, is the fact that post-surgical errors cause additional injury or illness - and sometimes even death - in more than 50 percent of the situations in which they occur.

Family files wrongful death claim filed after son dies in Romanian bar fight

When negligence causes harm or accidental death, an individual or entity could be held liable for personal injury. Earlier this month, a Connecticut family announced that they filed a wrongful death claim after their son, a basketball player from West Haven, Connecticut died after a bar fight in Romania.

Teen charged for breaking laws, causing fatal accident

Increasingly, law enforcement officials are pursuing criminal charges against negligent drivers who cause serious and fatal accidents while in violation of traffic laws or using a cell phone. A Connecticut teen is being criminal charged nearly a year after a motor vehicle accident downtown Bridgeport killed a 56-year-old woman.

Campaign for Promotion of Safe Surgical Practices

The United Kingdom celebrates Safer Surgery Week in September each year. National Patient Safety First Week was celebrated for the fourth year last month. The campaign started in June 2008 to ensure no avoidable deaths occur, no harm to patients occurs that can be avoided, and helps to ensure that patient safety is the top priority of the nursing staff within the NHS. Similar events could be organized in hospitals all over the United States to educate medical practitioners and nursing staff about safe medical practices that can help prevent avoidable deaths caused by medical errors.

Another interstate bus crash injures 23 en route to NYC

Motor bus companies have been under scrutiny the last few years since several interstate collisions have resulted in the serious injury and accidental death of passengers. This weekend, a New York City bound tour bus from Canada overturned on a highway exit ramp in New Jersey and injured 23 passengers. According to reports, the bus slid off an embankment and landed on its side off of Interstate 80.

Improved Safety Pumps Necessary for Safety of Patients

Many U.S.-based hospitals are trying to make remarkable steps to increase the safety of patients. According to Consumer Reports' Hospital Ratings, concerns like miscommunication over medication and infections were referred to as prominent examples of improper care of patients. The findings also highlight the fact that a minimum of one medication error every day occurs for each hospitalized patient in America.

Police chase that claimed life of CT teen under investigation

Earlier this year, a fatal motor vehicle accident claimed the life of a Connecticut teenager. Now the car accident is under investigation to determine whether an officer followed the department's policies and procedures when he pursued the vehicle that crashed and killed a 15-year-old boy in Oxford, Connecticut.

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