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Waterford faces lawsuit for employee car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2012 | Car Accidents

When an employee of a corporation or a government agency acts negligently or recklessly and causes injury, it can be held civilly liable. The Town of Waterford is facing a lawsuit after an employee for the Waterford Utility Commission was operating a town vehicle ran a red light and hit another woman’s vehicle, causing serious and permanent injuries.

According to reports, the Waterford, Connecticut employee was driving through a red light when he struck the victim’s car. The victim was left with severe lacerations to her scalp, a left temporal lobe fracture to her skull, cranial nerve palsy in her left eye, a collapsed lung, a left-side plural effusion, a traumatic brain injury, an intracranial hemorrhage, a fractured pelvis, memory loss and other serious bodily injuries.

The victim spent a significant period of time in the emergency room receiving necessary treatment before she was transferred to a rehabilitation center after the accident. She lost her job because of the permanent injuries and still suffers from severe mental and physical pain. She is suing the Town of Waterford for “fair, just and reasonable money damages,” as well as punitive and exemplary damages. The town offered a compromise in May and in August the case was referred to a mediation program.

The victim will likely recover a settlement from the town’s insurance company for her losses. Aggressive advocacy in pursuing similar claims can ensure that victims and their families recover the full compensation they deserve for permanent injuries sustained in a life-altering car accident. An investigation after an accident can identify all responsible individuals and entities.

Source: Waterford Patch, “Woman Sues Town After Horrific Accident,” Paul Patrone, Sept. 17, 2012



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