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September 2012 Archives

Project Encourages Families to be Involved in Patient Care

The simplest and seemingly smallest actions can prove to be beneficial in protecting critically ill patients from developing deadly infections and other serious complications of treatment. If a family member is aware that these small actions are critical, he or she can help ensure that the patient gets all of the care and attention that is needed by advocating on the patient's behalf.

Children Suffering from Chronic Illness and Hospital Negligence

According to the latest findings, children suffering from chronic illnesses, such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes or cancer, may be more susceptible to a high risk of medical errors or medical malpractice, even if the patient is under the supervision of a doctor. Statistics show that 44 percent of all children admitted to the hospital suffer from chronic illness. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics states that those patients are more prone to being the object of pediatric medical malpractice during their treatment compared with other pediatric patients who do not suffer from a chronic illness.

GPS guides hundreds of truckers into bridges

It is not uncommon to use a GPS-connected tracking device while driving to a new location in your city, or when taking the highway longer distances. Unfortunately, many drivers will follow their tracking devices blindly, without being aware of potential hazards. According to new research, GPS-connected devices have guided truck and bus drivers onto restricted roads. These faulty directions have caused drivers to hit bridges in New York more than 200 times in the past two years. There have been similar accidents in Hartford and throughout Connecticut.

Court allows Yale fraternity liability after fatal car accident

According to a Connecticut Supreme Court ruling, a fraternity can be sued for negligence in connection with a 2003 crash that killed four Yale University Students. The relatives of the victims are pursuing a wrongful death claim that alleges the fraternity leaders failed to provide safe transportation home from the event. The Hartford students were returning from a Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity event for pledges in New York City when their SUV slammed into a tractor-trailer that had crashed on I-95 in Fairfield.

Waterford faces lawsuit for employee car accident

When an employee of a corporation or a government agency acts negligently or recklessly and causes injury, it can be held civilly liable. The Town of Waterford is facing a lawsuit after an employee for the Waterford Utility Commission was operating a town vehicle ran a red light and hit another woman's vehicle, causing serious and permanent injuries.

Distracted driving causes surge of construction zone accidents

Distracted driving is always a danger, but can be even more hazardous in construction zones. During the summer, road repair and construction zones are more prevalent. According to authorities, a recent surge in Connecticut traffic accidents is related to construction and distracted driving.

Surgical Errors Make Surgeons Less Likely to Support Letting Go

Physicians are, first and foremost, human. And this humanity allows them to stay motivated, to grant their patients compassion and concern, to grow in their profession and to make potentially devastating mistakes. A new study indicates that when a physician's better angels are influenced by the impact of their mistakes, a patient's final wishes may be affected.

3-year-old attacked by family member's pit bull

Pit bulls are notoriously dangerous breeds and continue to raise concerns among policymakers, dog owners, parents and others who are exposed. A 3-year-old girl in New York was severely bitten in the face by her relative's pit bull last week. The girl suffered very severe injuries, including lacerations and other facial damage. The dog has been taken into custody by animal control.

Young motorcyclist killed in at problem intersection

On Monday night, a young motorcyclist was killed in a tragic accident near an intersection in West Haven Connecticut. Since July, two others have been killed in accidents at the same intersection. Now investigators and residents are looking into the dangerous conditions that may have contributed to the catastrophic accidents and fatalities.

Former NFL player wins workers' comp case

Workers' compensation claims are intended to give workers quick resolution when they are injured while in the course of performing work-related duties. It is not necessary to prove negligence, only that the injury was work-related. Claims can get complicated, especially when insurance companies and employers contest an injury as a "work-related." Last week, a former NFL player won a workers' comp case involving an injury he suffered while warming up for a preseason game.

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