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August 2012 Archives

Car crash injures crossing guard and 2 pedestrians

Intersection accidents can be extremely dangerous for pedestrians and bystanders. This week, a city crossing guard and 2 pedestrians were injured when a pickup truck collided with another vehicle. Ironically, the crossing guard in this case, was actually driving one of the motor vehicles. The car accident could result in criminal charges and civil penalties.

Drunk-driving ex-officer sentenced to 5 years for teen death

Hartford, Connecticut residents may remember the drinking and driving accident involving an off-duty police officer that struck and killed a 15-year-old boy on his bicycle 2 years ago. This week, the officer was sentenced to 5 years in prison by a Hartford Superior Court Judge as part of a plea bargain for the 26-year-old former officer who pleaded no contested to second-degree manslaughter and evidence tampering.

Dangerous Professional Burnout Extends to Nurses

Earlier this month, we discussed the fact that high rates of burnout among physicians are likely compromising the quality of patient care in numerous situations. Unfortunately, several occupational realities are also contributing to high rates of burnout among nurses.

Inquiry continues after parasailing death of Connecticut woman

On family vacation, you may decide to take a boating excursion, rent a jetski, or go parasailing on the ocean. Even if you sign a waiver, you expect that these activities are safe and that equipment is in working condition. In a tragic case this summer, a 28-year-old Connecticut woman fell nearly 200 feet in a parasailing accident that caused her death. Now investigators are identifying all responsible individuals and entities involved in the tragic fall and potential wrongful death.

Physician burnout rates are likely compromising patient care

Even if you are one of the lucky individuals who adores your job, you are at risk of burning out. In our workaholic society, it is very easy to get overextended, even in a profession you love. Unfortunately, a recent study indicates that physicians are at an especially high risk for this kind of burnout.

State house candidate charged after car crash

Evading criminal responsibility in the name of politics is nothing new. State House candidate Christina Ayala, who won the democratic primary on Tuesday night in the 128th District is now facing serious criminal charges after she fled the scene of an accident with two minors. While it is unclear if she was trying to save her name or just evade responsibility, the politician now faces serious criminal penalties and could also be liable for any personal injuries to the driver of another vehicle.

$20 million settlement for mistaken diagnosis of HIV

Cases involving misdiagnosis will often arise when a doctor or medical professional fails to identify a life threatening condition. In many of these cases, patients suffer because they do not get proper treatment. A recent case may give patients in New Haven, Connecticut future rights to file a lawsuit against a hospital that gives a mistaken diagnosis about a life threatening illness, such as HIV.

$20 million settlement after misdiagnosis of HIV

Medical malpractice misdiagnosis cases usually involves the failure to identify or treat a life-threatening illness. In a recent case, a court gave additional rights to patients who are mistakenly told that they had a life threatening illness. This could give more rights to patients impacted by misdiagnosis in Connecticut and nationwide.

New bill may mean stricter laws for teen drivers

States have pursued stricter driving requirements and regulations for teen drivers over the last few decades. Graduated licensing programs can limit a teen's right to drive with friends, to drive at night, or to use a cell phone while behind the wheel.

Jury awards $6.7M for fatal I-95 crash

A jury has awarded $6.7 million, finding the state of Connecticut partially responsible for a crash on Interstate 95 that killed a Texas man and caused serious injuries to a Wallingford resident in 2008. The family of the victim received $4 million for the accident and the other victim will receive $2.7 million for a severe leg fracture he suffered in the fatal highway accident.

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