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July 2012 Archives

Ambulance rollover results in serious injuries

In a local accident, a car collided with an ambulance causing it to flip over yesterday afternoon. According to police, the ambulance was traveling west when a car, attempting to make a left turn hit the right side of the ambulance. The strength of the impact caused the Connecticut ambulance to rollover to its left side.

Family recovers $4.7 million in fatal latex case

A tragic medical malpractice case resulted in the death of a woman when nurses failed to notify physicians of her allergy to latex. The family successfully pursued a wrongful death claim to recover compensation for the death of the 29-year-old victim. Victims and families of latex injury in Connecticut may be able to recover compensation after injury or death.

Be wary of the "July effect" in medical care

It is not uncommon in the medical profession to hear the phrase, "Don't get sick in July." One of the main reasons is that July is when new interns start their work and when senior trainees, residents and fellows graduate to new supervisory, self managed roles in patient care.

Father files lawsuit for fire that killed his 3 daughters

After a tragic fire that killed his three daughters, a man is filing a wrongful death claim against the city along with several other defendants. On Christmas morning in Stamford, Connecticut last year, a fire burst into flames creating a firetrap with no smoke detectors or fire alarms to alert the victims. The three girls died before they were able to escape the home.

Woman contracts cancer from diseased transplant organ

Medical malpractice claims arise when a nurse, doctor or other healthcare professional acts negligently and causes injury to a patient. In some cases, medical malpractice will involve misdiagnosis or a surgical injury. In a recent case, a woman is filing a malpractice claim after she contracted cancer from a diseased organ. The case sheds light on doctor and hospital responsibility for screening organ donors before transplant in Connecticut and nationwide.

Another casino bus from Connecticut crashes in New York

Private bus companies are under increasing scrutiny after several fatal accidents on the East Coast. Overcrowded, speeding buses, fatigued drivers, failed maintenance and other dangerous conditions on the road can result in serious injuries and fatalities. Last week, a casino bus traveling from Connecticut crashed outside of New York City sending 24 passengers to the hospital.

Progesterone treatments bring hope to brain injury victims

Victims of traumatic brain injury are often left hopeless given their prognosis. Consequences, including mental and physical impairments, can be severe and lasting. For many families, it is difficult to know where to turn or how to adapt to life with a physical or mental disability. Now, victims of brain injury caused by car accidents, falls or other trauma may find hope in a hormonal brain injury remedy.

Does Connecticut need stricter distracted driving laws?

The world has become increasingly interconnected through the use of cellphones, social media sites and broader access to the Internet. Unfortunately, this has also led to an increased danger of accidents on the roads, as more drivers are distracted by their mobile devices. According to many experts, this is just another example of the law's failure to keep up with modern technologies.

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