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May 2012 Archives

NYC woman awarded $120 million for brain-damage

When seeking treatment from a hospital, you always expect that your needs will be met in accordance with professional standards of practice. Unfortunately, deviations from these standards of care can result in serious injury, including incapacitation and permanent injury. A New York City woman was recently awarded $120 million for brain-damage she suffered as a result of mismanaged hospital care and medical malpractice.

FMCSA Urged to Finally Stop Dangerous Chameleon Carriers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has the primary task of protecting the safety of the travelling public by ensuring that trucking and bus companies operate in compliance with federal safety laws and regulations.

Ten dangerous and recalled household products

Serious injury or fatalities arising from a dangerous product usually result in a product recall. Unfortunately, many consumers may be unaware of the dangers and do not have the opportunity to discard dangerous products or household items that may pose a threat. In the event of a product recall, only 10% of those products purchased are returned. The rest will remain in use.

Surgical residents are fatigued and "over the legal limit"

Hospitals and residency programs are required to ensure that residents are prepared to handle their program and training requirements. A new study suggests that while guidelines limit the number of hours worked, surgeons in training are tired enough to raise the risk of making significant errors.

Teenage driver arrested for fatal texting car accident

Legislation is emerging nationwide to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile population. Most of us understand the dangers of texting. We also understand the dangers of using a cell phone while driving, even if we break the rules once in a while. A Connecticut teenager is learning the hard way that the dangers of texting while driving can be fatal-and criminal.

Soldiers returning home linked to increased risk of car accidents

Traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder is well-documented in members of the military who have served in combat. Reports of mood swings, irritability and depression have been noted by family members and loved ones of those who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Improved trauma care could prevent disability after accidents

A significant number of disabilities result from traumatic injuries in car accidents or falls. A new study shows that the level of care received after a trauma could impact recovery rates and even prevent disability. While the research was conducted in Australia, it also applies to regionalized trauma care in Connecticut and throughout the United States.

Study Shows Doctors Confused by Cancer Screening Statistics

Medical studies are supposed to help doctors make informed decisions about how to offer patients the best possible care. Increasingly, though, it appears that studies, especially those involving cancer screenings, might provide more confusion than advice.

Five questions to avoid overtreatment

With the rise in healthcare costs, many patients already know that spending often goes to unnecessary testing and treatments. Did you also know that this kind of "overtreatment" can also be dangerous? When you go to the doctor, be sure to have a clear understanding of your patient rights, your treatment options, and how any prescriptions or testing could harm your health.

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