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April 2012 Archives

OSHA puts workers at risk with delay on safety rules

OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is the nation's premier worker safety agency. Workers in Connecticut and nationwide depend on industry regulations and guidelines to ensure their safety while on a site.

Using interpreters in ER to curb medical negligence

Anyone who has sought medical treatment in a foreign country understands the frustration of trying to communicate symptoms or the cause of an injury to a non-English speaking doctor or nurse. According to a new study, for non-English speaking patients in Connecticut or nationwide, the potential for miscommunication can also be life-threatening.

Parents awarded $74 million in cerebral palsy medical negligence case

Last week, a family was awarded more than $74 million for negligence that resulted in their daughter's cerebral palsy. The court found that the doctor failed to follow appropriate standards of care during the delivery and that the negligence resulted in the permanent brain damage to the newborn.

Elderly drivers: balancing safety and independence

As a generation ages, we will see more seniors behind the wheel, and potentially getting involved in collisions. When should you tell a loved one that they are no longer be capable of driving? Are there warning signs that cognitive and physical health are deteriorating in a way that makes a driver unable to manage a vehicle?

Feds Likely to Require Life-Saving Rearview Cameras in Vehicles

Starting in 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will likely require automakers to install rearview cameras as standard equipment in all passenger vehicles.

Taking action to prevent delayed or misdiagnosis

Preventative care, including regular check-ups and testing should provide some peace of mind to detect disease, including cancer. If you have symptoms and you visit a doctor, you hope that appropriate diagnostic test and procedures are taken to identify the cause of your symptoms and to rule out any life-threatening disease. Unfortunately, some patients are victim of medical malpractice, including missed opportunities, doctors' mistakes and other incidences of neglect.

Withheld reports of surgical infection puts patients at risk

A new study underscores the demand for public recording regarding the rates of infection occurring as the result of surgeries. Over 8,000 deaths per year are caused by surgical infections and it appears that hospitals are using extreme discretion when disclosing pertinent information regarding the rates of infection. Patients in Connecticut and nationwide are unable to access information about local and national hospital infection rates.

CT widow files lawsuit against hospital for husband's untimely death

In February of 2010, a 46-year-old man went into the Tully Health Center and complained about "flank pain" or pain along the sides of his abdomen. The center performed a CT scan and then released the man, without pursuing any further diagnostic exams.

Leading cause of fatal accidents: speeding and aggressive driving

According to a recent report by the Governors Highway Safety Association, speeding and aggressive driving are still the leading cause of deadly accidents in Connecticut and nationwide.

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