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Summer Has Arrived. So Have Motorcyclists.

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2010 | Safety Tips

Summer is officially here and in full swing. And with the warm weather, motorcycle drivers are eager to take their bikes to the streets. Unfortunately, many drivers do not exercise enough caution when sharing the road with motorcyclists. Being aware of motorcycle safety tips is vital to keeping Connecticut roads safe for all drivers.

By 2008, motorcyclist deaths more than doubled over the last decade. Research shows that many of these deaths occurred because drivers failed to see the oncoming motorcycle in time to avoid the accident.

Attention SUV, Car and Truck Drivers: Follow These Four Rules

Following a handful of safety tips makes sharing the road with motorcycles safer for everyone. Making note of these simple guidelines increases drivers’ likelihood of “seeing” motorcycles on the road and avoiding potential accidents:

  • Provide motorcycles the entire lane. Motorcycles, like bikes and pedestrians, are not second class to 4-wheeled vehicles. They get the same privileges of any vehicle on the roadway. Give the motorcyclist a full lane of travel.
  • Lookout at intersections. Motorcycles are easy to miss when vehicles are passing back and forth at chaotic intersections. Looking both ways reduces the likelihood of a crash.
  • Provide plenty of space. Don’t follow a motorcycle too closely. A small rock, pothole or slippery road condition can easily cause a motorcycle driver to lose control. Give the motorcyclist plenty of space between you and your vehicle.
  • Understanding a motorcycle’s proximity and velocity. Motorcycles are smaller and thus may look farther away. Judging a motorcycle’s speed is often difficult as well. When turning at an intersection or backing out of a driveway, predict a motorcycle is closer than it looks.

Following these important tips significantly decreases the amount of accidents involving motorcycles. In some cases, however, these types of accidents will still occur. If you or someone you know suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure that you get the help that you deserve.



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